Well, this can’t be good.

by alphamonkey on June 7, 2007 · 0 comments

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Here’s some feel good news for you:  Not only did North Korea fire off a couple of short-range missile tests earlier today, the AP is reporting that Turkey has declared portions of the Iraqi northern border to be ‘security zones’ and have committed a series of raids against the Kurdish guerrillas of the separatist Kurdistan Workers’ Party who are operating out of the region.  As the Iraqi Kurds are probably our staunchest ally in the region, one can’t help but wonder what this kind of escalation will result in.

Though speaking of North Korea, here’s a rather interesting (if bizarre) Japanese clip that illustrates the history of evolution, as taught to North Koreans.  I can’t speak to its accuracy, but I wouldn’t put much past Kim Jong-il.

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