July 2007

I’ll direct your attention to this excellent Slate.com article on the origins of modern Christian rock, which against all expectations is a pretty interesting read.  Not as interesting as the real origins of Christian rock, but good eyeball food nonetheless. 

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Donny No Skins learns an important lesson: Physical pain is nothing compared to the mental anguish of shopping at Hot Topic because it’s the only store that really, you know, understands you. 

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Remember this little wonder of incarcerated choreography?  Well, oddly enough the full story gets told by -get this- Al Jazeera, via this investigative piece about Cebu Prison’s Dance Program.  Watch and learn. 

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Now admit it: You’re first thought was Robert Plant battling dinosaurs didn’t you?  It’s okay.  After all, it’s not like the failed 1971 Hammer Films project is common knowledge.  Apparently, one fine gent did, and decided to make his own version out of a variety of old Republic serial film footage.  Awesome!

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There’s just something about a noontime Tuesday that just melts my brain.  I’m sure I’m not the only one, so how about we all just veg out a bit and enjoy this beautiful 10 minute long short film from Carl Burton entitled ’Drift‘.  No plot, not thinking required.  Just kick back and let the visual love massage your brain back to readiness. 

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Here’s a clever little short does the ‘animator vs. Daffy Duck’ bit, but with skateboards and real resulting owies.  Enjoy the video bon-bon of Skate Eraser.

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A few of Aardman Animation’s wonderful Shaun the Sheep series of shorts have found their way to Google Video, and I heartily recommend you taking a few minutes to get down with some woolly claymation love.

Shaun the Sheep is currently airing on a variety of channels across the globe, but longtime fans will remember Shaun from the fantastic Wallace & Gromit short, ’A Close Shave‘.

Watch Episode 1 or Episode 3.  Great stuff. 

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Okay, okay, it’s been awhile since we’ve done anything resembling an art post, so let’s try and kickstart the art ball again with Canadian artist Joy Ang’s lovely work.  Ang dabbles in design and photography, but it’s her illustration work that really gives my eyeballs the happy.

There’s very much a comic book illustration style feel, but it’s the gorgeous color work that is the final nail of awesome.  Take a look see. 

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Ingmar Bergman died today, leaving behind one of the most perfect filmographies ever assembled by a director.

Ohio Congressman, Michael Turner’s attempts last Friday to take down war critic Lawrence Korb’s testimony before the House Armed Services Committee not by addressing or refuting his criticisms, but by simply attacking Korb’s credentials and character make for some unintentionally hilarious political theater, as Turner repeatedly finds himself at the shorter and messier end of the ‘look stupid’ stick.  Super awesomeness comes as Turner attempts to sneak out of the room during on of Korb’s responses, only to have Chairman Ike Skelton admonish Turner, forcing him to hear out Korb’s response.  Think Progress has the entire exchange available to view.

BoingBoing points our attention to the wonderful article by Michael Pollen detailing the important differences between Nutritionism vs nutrition, reprinted from a New York Times Magazine article from this past January.  Just as with anything Pollen has ever written, I heartily urge you to read it.

Moving on to more important matters, I believe it is in our collective best interest to familiarize ourselves with the Terminator Kama Sutra.

Need some sweet, sweet motivational music/video to get your work day moving briskly along? Try the Amok Time throwdown between Kirk & Spock.

Alternatly, you could just say ‘screw work’ and build your own arcade nirvana.

And lastly, why not dig on some sweet, sweet, sweet Beatles Mash Up fun from Cracked Pepper?

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You have to know by now that if Brad Neely puts up a new short, I’m going to post it.  So here’s Baby Cakes Diary #5, in which our whimsical man-child catalogs the various supernatural beings which regularly intrude on Baby’s personal time.

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