A Waxed Movie

by alphamonkey on July 25, 2007 · 2 comments

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“A Waxed Movie” is a 2006 short film by İdil Soyseçkin and Ezgi Sarıtaş following the work and conversations between the beautician Emine and her clientele.  Neat stuff, and mostly SFW.

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  • Thewellis

    that turkish film reminded me of a romanian film called the death of mr. laziruscu. although the latter was about a fat dying elderly man being carted round hospitals late at night it seemed to have this frank up close approach that was similar to this film. and the frank attitude to everyday life was also similar.

    and it also reminded me of the ursula le guin novel the dispossessed, where on the moon colony the women are hairy happy and hard working but on the planet they are bald fragile things to be adored. in the film its as if the women are playing one role but aspiring to be another.

    oh and yes, having seen many a horrible sight and hideous thing that only european cinema or japanese manga can create….the film above was a bit more alarming.

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