Apparently, someone has implanted Bizarro memories into my brain.

by alphamonkey on July 12, 2007 · 4 comments

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An exchange earlier today during the White House Press Conference between El Jefe and Helen Thomas:

Helen Thomas: Mr. President, you started this war, a war of your choosing, and you can end it alone, today, at this point—bring in peacekeepers, U.N. peacekeepers. Two million Iraqis have fled their country as refugees. Two million more are displaced. Thousands and thousands are dead. Don’t you understand, you brought the al Qaeda into Iraq.

President Bush: Actually, I was hoping to solve the Iraqi issue diplomatically. That’s why I went to the United Nations and worked with the United Nations Security Council, which unanimously passed a resolution that said disclose, disarm or face serious consequences. That was the message, the clear message to Saddam Hussein. He chose the course.

Helen Thomas: Didn’t we go into Iraq —

President Bush: It was his decision to make. Obviously, it was a difficult decision for me to make, to send our brave troops, along with coalition troops, into Iraq.

Did anyone else wake up with memories that don’t exactly jibe with those statements? 

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  • Simon

    Yes Alpha, my memories too seem to conflict with those of our glorious president. 

    Wait …did I just see a second black cat go by?

    – Simon

  • Chaud

    What the hell is with the gay porn add on the left side of the site now, totally not the homepage anymore, which means I’ll probably never visit this site again. Also I came to my computer this morning and some spyware crap was trying to open pages to buy this shitty unzipped mag. Laaaaaame

  • .alphamonkey.

    Apparently, our ad group didn’t exactly adhere to our ‘no adult ads’ policy.  I just caught it myself.

    Sorry about that.  It’s certainly not what I want displaying on the front page.

  • BADD

    Heh, Party shots.

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