Chore Wars!

by alphamonkey on July 23, 2007 · 1 comment

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Chore Wars seems like the result of a frustrated gamer, but it is, I will admit, a neat idea.  The premise is simple: After signing up and creating a character, you simply enter what household chores you’ve done this week to gain XP (experience points).  You can track the housework of your family/roomates/cellmate by creating a party and inviting them to join.  But no, it doesn’t stop there.  Who ever creates the party can create adventures for the group, which basically translates to a weekly chores list and what rewards/XP/gold will be gained from each task.  The party admin can also define what monsters each adventurer will encounter. 

Washing the dishes? Meh.  Washing the dishes with a 65% chance of encountering Gleepgorp, the Encrusted Macaroni Salad Beast, whose defeat will yield gold and a +5 Enchanted Scrubby Sponge of Doom? Right on, Chore Wars.  Right on.

Ah, this modern life! Where nothing really counts unless it’s in the form of an RPG, and each task must result in some form of reward.  Yah, a inherent sense of entitlement in this generation is all Mr. Roger’s fault

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  • Simon

    Sheesh.  All I ever got for doing chores were gold stars.

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