Fun with Music: Strange and Terrible Sounds

by alphamonkey on July 17, 2007 · 3 comments

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True blue ‘Buddha pal Shadow sent along this weirdo earworm yesterday, and he’s been singing it or quoting lyrics from it non-stop since.  I pass along the strange spectacle of a guy who looks like a young Michael Jackson (singing like Rick Astley) and his composition, ’Chocolate Rain‘.

And ‘buddha pal phil sent along the bizarre little number, Macarron Chacarron, which I would have sworn was just a terrible overdub of an existing video, but no.  What you hear is the actual song from Panamanian artists El Chombo feat. Andy’s Val Gourmet.  And yes indeed, this is the origin clip of the Batman dance meme

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  • quadir

    Since I bothered to register “for that”, would point out Chocolate Rain was pretty neat, although he would of done better to take out so many repeats of “Chocolate Rain”.

  • BADD

    This is going to explode.  I heard it on the fucking radio this morning……

  • daemoneyes

    I hate you for this…

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