Hummer Hatin’ in the Summer

by alphamonkey on July 18, 2007 · 0 comments

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In the ‘so it’s come to this’ news category is reports of a Washington, DC man whose dream car was targeted by vandals whilst parked on the street.  Apparently some area residents were none too happy about having a Humvee patrioting up their mostly eco-friendly neighborhood, so out came the baseball bats and knives and out went his windows, tires, replaced with a carved-in-the-paint ‘for the enviorn’ message. 

You know, regardless of my disdain for Humvees, I thought it was pretty cold-blooded to destroy a man’s car like that, until I read this part:

He bought the used 2005 vehicle a month ago from a dentist in Fairfax County and left it in a shop for several weeks so it could be outfitted to his specifications—new, bigger tires and a “lift kit,” meaning it would be higher off the ground

Now I’m just glad the Eco-Vigilantes got to it before he could add ground effects lighting and spinners. If your dream car is a pimped out Humvee, you have shitty, shitty dreams.

As an aside, the comments for said article have so far generated just north of 2000 responses.  If you’re willing to wade through them, you can find some serious comedy therein.

Thanks to Keanon for the heads-up.

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