Lucy, Daughter of the Devil

by alphamonkey on July 23, 2007 · 2 comments

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Being the cranky (and let’s face it, persnickety) individual that I am, a household decision to avoid broadcast & cable television hasn’t really been that hard on me.  All of my favorite shows either had very short runs, or have been canceled, and I’m a picky enough consumer to not feel like I’m missing out on much that’s airing now.  The self-imposed TV exile has an end date which not-so-coincidentally coincides Futurama’s new season debut on Comedy Central in the fall of 2008, but now there’s a show that might move me to push that date forward a bit:  Lucy, Daughter of the Devil, the new show by Home Movies co-creator Loren Bouchard, and co-starring HM alum H. Jon Benjamin & Melissa Bardin Galsky.

An episode of Lucy, Daughter of the Devil is available in it’s entirety at YouTube, though I have no idea how long it’ll be available (and nor do I wish to incur the wrath of Cartoon Networks considerable legal staff by hosting it myself), but I will say it’s definitely worth a viewing, as the humor and pacing are great (as is the cutesy animation). So take a gander at Lucy, Daughter of the Devil.

update: A belated tip o’ the blogging cap to Andy over at the AV Club Blog for the original find.  Mea culpa, my friend. 

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  • rainsng

    they aired the pilot for this like a year ago, i guess adult swim decided to pick it up

  • .alphamonkey.

    It’s been in development for a while, I take it. Bouchard mentioned it being in pre-production back in November of 2004.

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