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by alphamonkey on July 25, 2007 · 0 comments

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The biggest news of the day would have to be Alberto Gonzalez’s performance art in front of the Senate yesterday, but my ceaseless rage regarding the matter* effectively prohibits me from rational commentary.  Needless to say, I’m willing to put money down that Gonzo’s next Senate testimony will consist of nothing more than the AG sitting with that infuriating smirk while answering every question with a track from Lou Reed’s Metal Machine Music.

Of course, it would be yesterday that Lindsay Lohan got bounced for DUI and possession of cocaine (with a little driving with a suspended license thrown in). Is she on the White House’s payroll or something?

Here’s your headline fun o’ the day: 29,000 Myspace perverts identified, which leads me to ask: Seriously?  Only 29 thousand? I’m shocked.

Not so much news as cool: Songs for Ice Cream Trucks.

And lastly, shocking news: Many pop and R&B stars don’t actually write their own hits!  I’m shocked, I tell you. SHOCKED

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