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Jonathan Aponte was so desperate to avoid returning to Iraq that he paid a man to shoot him in the leg on the day Aponte was to be redeployed.

The L.A. Times is reporting that the House Intelligence Committee’s report on (the now incarcerated) Randy “Duke” Cunningham’s illegal activities steering contracts and earmarks to corrupt contractors has been blocked from public release by the Committee.  The report supposedly points fingers only at staffers (and avoids scrutiny of the then Republican controlled committee), but details just how Cunningham was able to continue his wrongdoings via a mostly compliant HIC.  Official explanation is that the report was never meant to be disclosed to anyone outside the Committee, while spin states the report was rightly blocked from release due to it’s finger-pointing at staffers only.  Uh-huh.

In the ‘holy crap, they found a spine’ column, Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is stating that he has every intention of keeping the Senate in session all night if Republican lawmakers insist on attempting to filibuster two defense bills to prevent an up-or-down vote. (Hmmm, which side was it that complained about not allowing simple up or down votes for the last few years?)

Majority Whip Dick Durbin wins the prize for best verbal-ass whupping on the matter.

And finally, the Guardian has an interesting article about the increased push by Cheney to force some action on Iran.

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