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I continue to be less than impressed with DC’s mega-event Countdown (which promises to lead into yet another Crisis series.  Sigh), but DC is rocking some sweet 4 color action* with some of their single titles this week.

Green Arrow: Year One
is on issue #2 and, while I’m not normally a fan of Oliver Queen, I’m digging the luscious art and low-key style. Seeing as nearly every other marquee hero in the DC universe has gotten a reboot over the last two decades, it seems time for Queen to get a little of the same.

Batman 666 gives us a world where the son of Bats and Talia al’Ghul grows up to take on the Batman mantle, but it just feels like more of the hyperviolent alterna-Bats that’s being delivered through the similarly blah All Star Batman & Robin.  Sure, it’s Grant ‘I’m writing half the comics in existence’ Morrison, but that doesn’t mean it’s any good.  And man, oh man do I still hate Andy Kubert’s art.

Speaking of, Frank Miller & Jim Lee’s All Star Batman & Robin hits #7 this week, and continues the super-blah re-imagining of the Dark Knight & pals by the so past-their-prime duo of Lee and Miller.  I mean really, does anyone need to see Batman as a caped Marv?

The rest of the DC universe is pretty much in full Amazons Attack! mode, which means a hearty dose of “blah” this week, but I’ll be keeping my eye on the Sinestro Corps saga, the Black Canary mini-series.  I super hearted last week’s All Flash #1, even if it did mean that Bart Allen was truly dead.  Bring on the Wally West, I say.

I’d love for Marvel to not be in the middle of a huge crossover event, but World War Hulk is kicking my fanboy glee’s ass.  Once again, I’ve never been a huge Hulk fan (Though I do adore the Ang Lee film), but seeing Greenie go hog-wild on the faces of Marvel’s heavy-hitters is just toot sweet.  This week’s tie-in issues go to Iron Man (which gives us a harried Dum Dum Dugan as the de-facto head of SHIELD now that Tony’s gotten some Hulk Fist on Face action) and The Incredible Hulk (which is just a filler issue giving us a look at Rick Jone’s long-simmering Hulk love).

Mighty Avengers #4 dials down artist Frank Cho’s Ultron-as-wankfodder renderings, but I just don’t care about this team, nor the storyline.  Due to Marvel’s less than stellar scheduling, this issue takes place in some nebulous time-frame removed from the World War Hulk stuff, so Tony Stark’s death/disappearance by Ultron’s hands has no effect whatsoever.  We know Iron Man isn’t dead, ‘cause we’ve seen Hulk beat his ass down to nothing but a sweaty stack of floppy pancakes.

Thankfully, Marvel’s screwy scheduling works in my favor this week for my long-standing man-crush, as Sensational & Amazing Spider-Man both continue the ’Back in Black‘ storyline, with my boy Peter Parker bruising up the Kingpin and defending the still-comatose Aunt May from a totally batshit Eddie Brock, respectively.  I like seeing a Peter Parker that’s been pushed too far, and this stuff is delivering.

Wolverine #55 continues the Romulus storyline, but does indeed deliver on the ‘ultimate Sabertooth/Wolverine showdown’ hype.  I’ve my doubts the outcome will remain permanent, but I’ll give Marvel some credit for going that route.  Not sure how crazy I am about an unbroken line of wolf-men as Wolverine’s antecedents, but it’s not like I haven’t put up with ridiculous origin stories for the guy before.

Immortal Iron Fist #7 wastes some pages dealing with Danny Rand’s soon-to-be opponent, but I have to say it’s the art that keeps bringing me back to this title.  Holy crap, but Marvel has corralled some great artists right now.  This issue gives us three separate artist/inker combos, but I’m just waiting for the full-time return of David Aja.

That’s the decent stuff this week from the big two.  What are you reading?

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