Sprint Goes Pika

by alphamonkey on July 12, 2007 · 0 comments

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While enjoying a rare (ie calm) dinner out with the girls, I caught the latest Sprint commericals, which I must admit are rather gorgeous.  Of course, the reason they’re gorgeous is because they’ve appropriated the techniques of Pika Pika’s Lightning Doodle Project*. 

The spot ’Dreams‘ seems to be a legit Lightning Doodle short (though I can’t find any information that states whether the production company used people involved with Pika Pika), while Charts fudges things via CGI, but is still visually fetching. Give ‘em a looky see if you haven’t already caught them.  TV Luddite that I am, I’m fully aware I’m probably late to the party on this.

*Eagle eyed (and elephant brained) readers will remember that Transbuddha showcased the Lightning Doodle Project back in August ‘06 and again this April.  Click those links for sweet video action.

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