That’s about enough, Fox News.

by Nickle on July 18, 2007 · 17 comments

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I was able to bear the fact that you’re a waste of a television slot. I was prepared to ignore you, and your ilk. I could understand that maybe someone, somewhere, might actually agree with garbage like Bill O’Reilly. Really, no skin off my back. I shrugged it off when you launched your pitiable ‘Half Hour News Hour’. As far as I was concerned, you had the right to think whatever misguided things you wanted to think. I would laugh at those who bemoaned your channel so, my feelings were ‘don’t watch it, then’. I took a position of indifference.

But now you’ve crossed the line. My God, how incredibly ignorant can you get? Seriously, Mr. Rogers causing a sense of entitlement by telling children that they’re special? How are you allowed to be on television? I’m aware there was some idiotic study at LSU, but that’s no excuse. This is honestly one of the most sickening things I’ve seen in a long while. I’m pretty sure you’re incapable, but you should feel ashamed.

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  • elkciN

    Ugh, I am still seething over this. Where the hell do they get off?

    Mr. Rogers taught children so many things, like being responsible for one’s own actions, and to keep trying, even though life can be hard sometimes. Telling children they were special was just icing on the cake, and if anything, served as motivation for those children to acheive their dreams.

    Not to mention the fact that ‘kids these days’ grew up watching Barney and Teletubbies. Anyone who grew up watching Mr. Rogers comes from, at least, the generation BEFORE the one they seem to be complaining about.

    I can see the sense of entitlement they’re talking about, but to say Mr. Rogers is the cause is just monumentally ignorant, and just another sympton of parents no longer being held responsible for their children.

  • elkciN

    Also, sorry for the meandering article, it was written with so much rage.

    I don’t know if I’m just over-reacting, or what, but seriously this makes me physically ill.

    And it takes a lot to upset me, in the first place.

  • rmurdoch

    Is there actually an audience for this kind of bizzare and hateful journalism?  I mean, I can understand pandering to people’s culturally ignorant and homophobic fears with stories of violent lesbian gangs ruling the streets, but saying that Mr. Rogers ruined a generation of children?  Who exactly is this NOT going to seem absurd to?

    I’ve always assumed that Fox News exists so that conservative organizations can pander to and manipulate certain uneducated cultural segments, but this just doesnt make sense. 

    Maybe they ARE just a bunch of clueless journalism school dropouts over there clamboring for the next sensational (sensationally stupid) story.

  • elkciN

    Your username is rather ironic.


  • rmurdoch

    LOL, oh my…

    You know I once got one of those scam letters in the mail from Nigeria addressed to Rupert Murdoch (which is close to, but not my name)

  • Simon

    “In 1969, the US Senate had a hearing on funding the proposed Corporation for Public Broadcasting, but President Nixon wanted it cut in half for the Vietnam War. Sometimes nice guys do win some.”

  • .alphamonkey.
  • rainsng

    i love the part about how kids in china, because they weren’t exposed to Mr. Rogers, have a much harder work ethic than us American “kids” (i say us because i am part of the Mr. Rogers generation), us kids who have the motivation to work hard in life because mr. rogers told us we were special.

    thats interesting, considering that the chinese have had a harder work ethic than americans since tv was even invented. its a fucking COMMUNIST state that focuses more on the group than the individual. its school systems are DIFFERENT than ours, they teach their kids to work in factories. but our generation is irreversibly doomily narcissitic and a bunch of slackers because we didn’t hve to make our own sweaters in a closet. because we were exposed to mr. rogers

    wow. the sad thing is know people who ONLY watch fox news and love bill o’reilly… sigh

  • BADD


    I have had my doubts about Fox news for quite a while, and haven’t watched them in a couple years.

    This proves I made a wise decision.

  • tolangue_agess

    ok, good


    i still wonder, though, why many students i know have this “you have to give me an “A” because i attended your class a few times” attitude…

  • rainsng

    the reason students have “you have to give me an A because I attended your class a few times” attitude is because of the way their parents raised them. Mr Rogers may have have reinforced in some children the messages they were already receiving from their parents, but the mindset was received by the parents nonetheless. the problem is parents not teaching their kids to take responsibility for their actions. fox news is such an ignorant waste of tv

  • Gorlog

    As much as I hate this.  As much as this is poorly done.  Isn’t the Half Hour News Hour supposed to be the Fox News version of the Daily Show?

    If it is, it is not very funny (to me).  But Just saying that this might not be “actual news”.  I hate Fox news but thought I would play devils advocate.

  • .alphamonkey.

    That’s not a clip from the Half Hour News Hour.  That was actual newscaster/commentator footage.

  • Gorlog

    O.K.  That’s just wrong on oh so many levels. I truly thought it was some sort of parody.  I guess my feeble brain couldn’t handle what the Fox network was dishing.

  • BADD

    To say Mr. Rogers is the cause of grade entitlement is like saying Gandhi is responsible for Starving children in India.

    First off, if you have never watched Mr. Rogers, his message(s) to kids was not just “Your special”.  His teachings (yes teachings) were about self confidence, learning to get along in the world, and (believe it or not) self reliance and discipline.

    He started each show with a coming home ritual.  He counseled kids on making mature and moral decisions.  He taught tolerance.  My favorite episodes are when he would visit somewhere to show you how things were done or made.

    To claim his “special” message was the only thing kids took away from his show, is over simplifying his contribution to the world, and, frankly, showing blatant ignorance of his life, his show, and everything PBS has stood for for the last 60+ years.

    So to Fox news and the professor who tried to sell this immature drivel, I ask, Do you get kicks from degrading the deceased?  Your report is worse than Elvis sightings in Star, and less accurate.

  • Boss Robot

    Unconditional love has to be earned kids.

  • .alphamonkey.

    That so needs to go on a t-shirt.

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