The Best Training Montage of All Time

by alphamonkey on July 19, 2007 · 4 comments

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The training montage is rightfully the most mocked and parodied cliché of the 80s/90’s action and/or romantic comedy film.  And really, no other era could have produced such a well-trodden film staple, mostly due to the fact that every single person involved with Hollywood was knee deep in cocaine between 1982 and 1998.  You can just imagine all the screenwriters and producers blurting out ‘cool’ training scenes to include while totally fucking rocking it to Damn Yankees or Candlebox in between hundred-dollar bill snorts.

But at the end of the day, the award for most ridiculously awesome training montage goes to the 1986 martial arts classic, No Retreat, No Surrender, which you may view to the right.  In addition to introducing the world at large to the Muscles from Brussels*, NRNS (as aficionados are apt to call it) gave us Kentucky Karate Boy Kurt McKinney’s Jason Stillwell being trained by none other than the ghost of Bruce Lee, future 21 Jump Street guest star J.W. Fails as Sillwell’s breakdancin’, fudge bomb lovin’ pal, and introduced the Hong Kong style of director/ fight choreographer Corey Yuen to Hollywood’s half-assed martial arts ways.  (Yuen was one of the Seven Little Fortunes of the Peking Opera School, along with Jackie Chan and Sammo Hung).

So get all pumped up for vengeance with this absoludicrous (and frankly beautarded) training montage from No Retreat, No Surrender.  The best bit comes around the 45 sec. mark.

Super thanks to Team Tiger Awesome’s Nick ‘Sweetcheeks’ Mundy for the find.

*Yes, yes, I realize that Van Damme was an extra in Breakin’ before that, but we could not see his beauty; overshadowed as it was by the power of Ozone and Turbo.

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  • Alan

    I am so pumped now it is untrue. I am going to buy a red bandana and NEVER take it off.

  • Johnnyboy

    You should post the Team America montage alongside this… but good luck finding a version that isn’t a “parody” or “tribute”.

  • accukrak

    Best training montage? How about adding the distinction of “most not-so ambigiously gay” montage of all time as well? Holy crap, that black guy seemed all too happy to sit on the other whitey’s crotch while whitey is doing some serious pelvic thrusts!

  • James Mullarkey

    I’ve put together what I think are the best training montages around if you’re interested?

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