The Shark is Still Working

by alphamonkey on July 19, 2007 · 0 comments

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I love me some Jaws.  It’s one of 5 movies that I have completely memorized (much to the annoyance of my wife), and the 1975 powerhouse (and originator of the summer blockbuster. No joke.) remains one of the only films which I will always watch whenever I see it on TV.

Apparently, I don’t love it nearly to the length as these guys, who’ve made a full length documentary about the film and it’s 30 year reign supreme.  The Shark is Still Working has been under production for some 2 years, and they’re still looking for distribution, but I’ll admit that I totally want to see it.  And that’s coming from a guy who’s watched every featurette and feature on the anniversary DVD edition, as well as all the television specials about the film.

Dig on the Jaws-a-riffic indie documentary, The Shark is Still Working’s brand spanking new trailer! (It’s 73mbs on a fairly slow site, so be patient.)

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