The Simpsons: America’s Drug Loving Family

by alphamonkey on July 24, 2007 · 0 comments

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10 Zen Monkeys is running a great collection of The Simpson’s more drug-fueled moments.

I’ve always loved the fact that, over the years, the writers have managed to find a way to give nearly every major character some psychedelic drug experience.  Lisa’s freak-out at Duff Gardens remains a favorite drug moment (indeed, that whole episode is one of my all-time favorites due in no small part to Homer’s sickening love with a well-past expiration date office sandwich), but I’m sad they left out the entire town’s freak-out when Homer foolishly makes a health shake out of aging hippies Munchie & Seth’s personal stash of psychedelic mushrooms in Season Ten’s ’Do’h-in in the Wind‘. 

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