Balls Deep (Children of Bogota)

by Gorlog on August 7, 2007 · 0 comments

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I was searching around VBS.TV and found this amazing 5 part investigative show entitled Balls Deep where the host, Thomas Morten, travels to Bogota Colombia.  Here he finds out that the street kids are being gunned down by hired gunmen to remove “unwanted elements” from the city.  As a means of survival, they have taken to the sewer system.  Mr Morten has teamed up with Dr. Jamie Jaramillo, to investigate the living conditions and the long journey of convincing the youth to leave the tunnels and begin life anew.

For a much more detailed description of what Dr. Jamie Jaramillo is doing, Thomas Morten has created a short blog detailing his short video.

Language and work may be an issue.

alphamonkey sez: Amazing.  Definitely should go on your ‘required viewing’ list. 

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