Beat Back the Atheists!

by alphamonkey on August 15, 2007 · 8 comments

in Uncategorized has a great collection of WWII posters mocked up to be Christian Right propaganda. Sure, many of them are insanely over-the-top, but in many cases the satire hits dead on with the current obsession of battling the perceived evil forces of secularism.

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  • Hawk


    Wow man, I’m reading down the page, clicking on links excited to see what is next, and then this post comes along and ruins my whole TRANSBUDDHA day. I think I’ll stick to the games section….you’ve gone a bridge (or political post) too far for me man….


  • .alphamonkey.

    You know, considering the sheer breadth of topics I’ve managed to tick someone off on, I’m surprised that a post in which I acknowledge that the makers often went too far would be a tipping point.

    I’ve no intention towards debating the merits of any given post, nor would I ask you to have to justify your own beliefs, but I must confess that I’m curious what exactly you think I’m endorsing by linking to that gallery?

  • hubris3

    After watching “Jesus Camp” and the fact that many people are picking a presidential candidate based on religion, I think the post is perfectly appropriate. My advice for Hawk would be the same for myself when I hear a Baptist thumping his bible….just keep walking. Thanks for the post .alphamonkey!

  • Dhsu

    What’s ironic is that this article is proof that atheists thump their manifestos just as much as their Christian counterparts. I know Darwinists more fiercely devoted to their cause than members of any religion or cult.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Well, to be fair I think it’s more accurate to say that some atheists are just as dogmatic in their thinking as some Christians. Let’s not paint everyone with the ugly brush.

  • LupineFresh

    You know, for every one of these atheist rants there’s about 60 or 70 christian ones out there (and generally way more public/accepted), yet every time someone points to one of them someone else gets their knickers in a fit.

    I guess I’d feel more sympathy if I didn’t feel I had to deal with hardcore christian stuff in my face all the time too. Sometimes liberty means being exposed to ideas and beliefs you don’t agree with… deal with it.

  • Dave

    Dhsu: Atheists do thump their “manifestos”, but only recently. Throughout time, atheists were burned and slayed by theists of all stripes. When have you ever heard of a war started by people who wanted to spread the message of tolerance by the sword? A woman stoned because she had too much faith in her forgiveness and redemption?

    The fact is, darwin is not a matter of “dogma” or “belief”, nor is a “manifesto” of a untested idea. Evolution is a scientifically vetted and verified truth- there is no rational debate at all on this point. Those posters represent what ALL religions, not just christians truly believe about their other man. There can be no atheist equivilent of this artists interpretation of those propaganda posters, it would be absurd.

  • Hawk


    Sorry for the late reply; I wanted to get back to you given that you replied to me. I restricted myself from the internet for the past several days (very painful – not recommended – I broke down a few times), outside of work, in order to get some things done around the house. I did not “tip”, and I wasn’t trying to make a political statement or bash you. I was offering feedback on what that post did to me while de-stressing from the work day. It ruined the healthy internet buzz I was carrying up until that point, but not to worry, a sweet Nitrome game post put me into a once more mellow state. Believe, or don’t believe, faith was not really a path I was heading down.

    I’m not sure on the endorsement question…you weren’t real clear there, and I really don’t see it as a huge sticking point for me.


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