China is here, Mr. Burton

by alphamonkey on August 15, 2007 · 3 comments

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070802_recall_graphic_470.jpgYou have to love Big Red (as I refer to China). If they’re not in the news because they’re threatening to utterly devalue our dollar, they’re in the news due to speculation over how they’ll jack up the Beijing Olympics. Then of course, there’s the recalls…… So far we’ve had counterfeit toothpaste, poisonous pet food, and oh yea…..the toys.

Mattel has been hit hardest, having to roll out three recalls over the last month, which marks their second biggest recall ever. So big the impact that a factory owner involved with one of the recalls actually hung himself (though the articles goes to great pains to put the blame for the lead paint on someone else).

There’s a point where my rage chip just starts melting, and the subject of toys that could give my girls brain damage is pretty high on that list of rage-o-topics. These (along with a complete degradation of our nation’s manufacturing capabilities) are the long term costs of pursuing short-term cost cutting measures in the form of using cheap out-of-country labor. We can’t force China to exert any actual oversight, and we don’t have the capability to accurately track and test the products we’re bringing in. In a bizzaro twist, it’s the US companies themselves who are policing this (due to a very real fear of their brand being destroyed in the public’s mind), yet even this isn’t enough to make those same companies look to home shores (where higher costs are balanced by better quality control and oversight) for their product needs.

Monkey mad now.

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  • David T

    Amazingly, its STILL cheaper for these companies to test EVERY batch of toys after they get to the US than manufacture them here. Oh well, we should be happy, offshoring has created a new US industry! “Overseas Product Safety Testing!”

  • Your Good Twin

    Boy, if you really want to get pissed at toys aimed at little girls and if we really WANT politicians to get mad at video games for something, it should be for games like Boogie on the Wii. Here is a game rated Everyone 10+ that has songs like ‘Kelis’ “Milkshake,’ Fergie’s ‘Fergalicious,’ and the Pussycat Dolls’ ‘Don’t Cha’.” What perfectly good songs for 10-year-olds to sing! To further quote Jenn Frank from that review, “the very notion of 12-year-old girls at a Bratz doll PJ party, growling “Don’t cha wish your girlfriend was a freeeeak like me” right along with the scrolling lyrics, chills me straight to the bone.” It’s disgusting and someone at EA, someone at the ESRB, and someone at Nintendo need to be publicly berated and then shot as a lesson to all others.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Oh man….don’t get me started on that. I’ll go insane. The very concept of Bratz dolls is enough to make me go all smashy-smashy.

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