Humanity just looking for group?

by alphamonkey on August 17, 2007 · 1 comment

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matrix_048800.jpgIf you didn’t catch it on Tuesday, the New York Times Science section ran a great (if brain-hurting) piece on Oxford University philosopher Nick Bostrom, whose thinking on the chances of mankind living long-enough to see a post-human race isn’t so rosy for us. In addition to the idea that mankind would most likely be extinct before the rise of any post-human species, Bostrom takes it a step further with the thought that it is entirely possible that our current existence is the result of a post-human computer simulation designed to explore said race’s origins.

I’m a little torn on this. If we are living in The Matrix, I suppose I should be happier that there’s such a noticeable lack of skin-tight vinyl catsuits and exploding tractor trailers. On the other hand, the idea of living in some post-human teen’s personal version of World of Warcraft is disheartening if for nothing else than the lack of level up opportunities. And frankly, the available quests SUCK.

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    My class was nerfed in v3.4.


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