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Mini-MizerWithin the next day or so, Transbuddha’s migration to a WordPress setup shall be gloriously (and finally) complete.  Along with better functionality, search, and commenting options (no more shall you be asked to log in for comments), one change will be the removal of the ‘Internet Sausage: Fat Free Links’ in the sidebar.  Instead, I’ll just start posting a link dump style post as I find them, under a Internet Sausage category.  I’ll have a full post/page explaining some of the changes once it goes lively-loo.

Anyway, on to the links….

Reasonably Clever gives us a handy little webtoy that lets you create a LEGO version of yourself.  Awesome! (Okay, so the app is actually 6 years old. But it updated today, so there.)

RedMolly gives a rundown on 20 Reasons to put a Fantasy Book Back on the Shelf when you’re shopping.  Oddly enough, this list is almost a verbatim translation as to why I don’t read fantasy books anymore.

Another ‘I can’t believe I missed this’ entry in the form of Wayne Coyne’s essay ‘Creating Our Own Happiness’ for NPR’s ‘This I Believe’ series.  I love me some Flaming Lips, and I especially love Coyne’s approach to life an art. 

The New York Times has an excellent article detailing Don Meekernd and James Montalbano’s “Clearview” font, and how it’s changing the visual landscape of our nation’s highway signage.

UK Feminist site The F Word has a great essay about the latest front in the ongoing war of insane beauty standards for women concerning the probably-not-safe-for-work realm of vaginal cosmetic surgery.

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