Kill Me Now

by alphamonkey on August 2, 2007 · 1 comment

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I’ve been rather unimpressed with most of the serialized offerings over on Super Deluxe (outside of Chasing Donovan, I Am Baby Cakes, and Derek & Simon: The Show, of course), but Janine Ditullio and Kelly Kimball‘s new series ’Kill Me Now‘ is shaping up nicely.

The series follows suicidal Ben (who is upholding a longstanding tradition of suicidal family members) as he navigates through his life.  Things are shaping up for young Ben however, as he’s discovered his neighbor is Angelina Jolie’s body double.  Give it a looksee with episode one, which you’ll find below.

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    You left out one of my favs!

    Maria Bamford has some very striking moments of brilliance as she plays every character in her show detailing her life after a nervous breakdown.

    I have been told it is all made up, but for gods sake she sure knows a lot about mental illness if indeed she doesn’t suffer from it.

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