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While not a comfort for those of you browsing at work, I have to break with my semi-fast rule of ‘no download game links’ to showcase the excellent Knytt, which I’d played long, long ago in the wilds of 2006.  The game has enjoyed a lasting popularity (indeed, there’s even a fansite for the author’s games), but it took the Independent Gaming Source’s list of 50 Really Good Independent Games to remind me why Knytt was such a joy (it placed #9, by the way). 

Simply put, Knytt is a platformer that wins a lot of points around it’s sparse and lonely atmosphere, as your character (who was swooped up by a UFO which subsequently crashed on a mysterious planet) makes his way around an unknown world looking for the parts necessary to get back home.  There are no real enemies to speak of, nor can you interact with anyone.  Give it a go by downloading it here.

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