Pillage the Village

by alphamonkey on August 23, 2007 · 1 comment

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pillage-the-village.jpgMost often a successful game will generate sequel after sequel (or a thousand genre knock offs), but in the case of XGen Studio’s fantastic Defend Your Castle game, the developers left the game alone. Only now (over 2 years later) we given a look at why those villagers hate your castle so much.

Yup, Pillage the Village has you once again taking on the role of serf-hating Hand, only now you’re back to your roots, routing out villagers from their homes and giving them the ol’ smashy-smashy to better cough up their precious coin.

Holy crap, but this is a lot of fun (in a twisted, brutal, Dungeon Keeper kind of way).

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  • Doc

    Pure awesomeness im loving the game. Antagonist all the way.

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