Rock Music is corrupting our youth!

by alphamonkey on August 24, 2007 · 4 comments

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Every now and then you hear a band and think ‘Oh yea, THIS is what rock music is supposed to be like!’, and then you immediately crotch punch the next Yellowcard fan you find. This Ging Nang Boys‘ video certainly inspires such sentiment, as it’s utterly and completely ridiculous. And that’s awesome.

The band (and the makers of this video) know what far too many have forgotten: Rock music is supposed to make you feel all tingly where your swimsuit goes. It’s supposed to be subversive, rebellious, and weird. It’s supposed to rile you up and inspire mad make-out sessions, cause that’s exactly what the man doesn’t want you to do.

Seriously, folks: This video is so absoludicrously beautarded, and I love it for that. I mean

  • One: it’s Japanese, and against all my expectations for a throwback Japanese punk band, a pretty kickass tune.
  • Two: the lead singer looks like a crazier (if that’s possible) Iggy Pop from back in the day.
  • Three: It’s ten freakin’ minutes long.
  • And Four: Spontaneous sex party! Even a three fingered man has to admit that’s pretty awesome.
  • Oh, and while it’s not exactly explicit in any bit, it’s probably not something you’re going to enjoy explaining to your boss if they happen across your rockgasmic enjoyment of it, so I’m just gonna say NSFW.

    Would any of our esteemed Nipponese centric readers out there care to enlighten us as to the title of the song?

    Watch this awesome video to the right, or via El ‘Tube. And give it about 2 minutes and 45 seconds or so for the sheer awesomeness to kick your face in. You shan’t be disappointed.

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    • Johnnyboy

      Sounds like the name of the song is “I Don’t Wanna Die”. But maybe that means something different in Japanese.

    • Alan

      Boner-tastic love zombies. Sweet.

    • Heretique

      Oh my.

    • Achilles3

      Funnest 10 minutes of my life. Amazing!

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