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by alphamonkey on August 23, 2007 · 0 comments

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the_blog.jpgOn Sunday, the LA Times ran an editorial by journalism professor Michael Skube in which he (quite broadly) takes a swipe at the whole notion of blogging as journalism (read Blogs: All the Noise That Fits) coming to the conclusion that journalism and reporting simply isn’t happening on a blog level.

You know, had Skube’s bothered to, you know, actually research the issue, he might have come to a vastly different conclusion. Jay Rosen (an associate professor of journalism himself) took umbrage and decided to call Skube on his editorial, only to find out that not only did Skube not even bother to do any real research on the subject of blogs and journalism, all of the blogs mentioned in his editorial were inserted by editors. Rosen goes a step further by listed a great (if small) list of blogs that have excelled in the on-the-ground fact-checking reporting that we no longer expect from our mainstream media.

Give it a read.

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