The Who's Who of Who's Editing Wikipedia

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nohat-logo-nowords-bgwhite-200px.jpgWired’s Threat Level blog has a great run down on the world of wiki image spinning by means of Virgil Griffith’s Wikipedia Scanner, which tracks down the entities behind the various edits by matching up IP addresses and corporate accounts. Not surprisingly, corporations make up the largest chunk of self-edits, cutting out controversial and otherwise bad pr generating information on Wikipedia posts about themselves.

The idea of the scanner is cool enough, but Wired went a step further by asking readers to use the widget and then post the results of their findings, which Threat Level has graciously hosted in an easily searchable format.

Let’s hear it for transparency, eh?

Diebold enjoys the rep of being one of the most hated by savvy web denizens, and their Wiki activity reflects that, with multiple edits on Diebold and voting machine related posts. Wal-Mart goes a different route by leaving in controversial information and simply tweaking tidbits to make themselves look better such as changing a line discussing Wal-Mart’s low pay to state that Wal-Mart pays almost double the minimum wage on average. Not much difference between those, but perception is everything.

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