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If you’re wondering what to buy at the comic shop today, I recommend checking out ComicList, which puts together handy lists regarding each publisher’s release schedule.

More comic fun to be had with the Guardian UK’s new Comic Book blogger, in which Ned Beauman kicks off the series by discussing sexism in comic books.

Sexism in comic books? That’s ridiculous.

If you’re not reading it already, you need to update some bookmarks and make room for Chris’s Invisible Super-Blog, ‘cause dammit.. it’s funny.

Staying firmly in the nerd zone, Ars Technica has a wonderful article on the History of the Amiga, which should be required reading for anyone interested on how one of the most powerful multimedia computers going was finally done in.

Mental Floss went all Stonesy for their latest quiz, which gives you bare snippets of audio to match up with the appropriate Rolling Stones song.  100%, baby.

Back to nerds, but sexier this time: Results are in and guess what?  Math nerds have less sex than other kids! Shocking, I know.  Not sure this required a study, but it is an interesting breakdown of how intelligent kids live their lives.

And finally here’s the greatest how-to video YouTube has ever offered: A G-Spot Stimulation Simulation which is truly priceless.  Though it does bring one question to mind: Why would a digital hand need to wear rubber gloves?

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