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by alphamonkey on August 7, 2007 · 0 comments

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Whew.  We had some crazy storm fun yonder Lake Erie way this morn’, and both power and net access were decidedly intermittent until just recently.  I’d yet to see a serious storm on the lake, and Ma Nature did not disappoint me today.  Sweet stuff indeed.

So why not get a little rain sing action on with Mint Royale’s update of ‘Singin’ in the Rain’?

Not your thing?  George Lucas knows how to make it better.

Okay, okay.  How about lightning?  That’s more exciting, right?

Back to the randomness we go with the Grandiloquent Dictionary, which compiled a massive list of obscure and rare English words.  Impress your friends!

Ping Mag has an excellent interview with Atsushi Tomura, a professional Kigurumi costume maker and actor.

And finally, Rough Type breaks down the numbers of Second Life and discovers that any given Avatar consumes the same electricity as the average Brazilian citizen.  Second Life, indeed. 

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