Zeta Flow

by alphamonkey on August 27, 2007 · 1 comment

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zeta_flow.jpgAh, the Space Shooter. A venerable genre that never seems to cease being a hell of a lot of fun. It’s come a long way since Asteroids & Space Invaders, but why get all glitzy with the graphics when Tron-esque vectoring works just as well? Zeta Flow is a fun little shooter, and it looks sweet to boot. Play it already.

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  • KGsharkk

    [start angry rant] THEY FARKIN RIPPED OFF WARNING FOREVER!!! seriously, warning forever is one of my favorite time wasters, and this dude had the nerve to make a crappy, half-a*sed coppy of it! I wouldn’t be so pissed off if it wasn’t so blatently obvious. Seriously. Hop on over to c-net download and get Warning Forver. 100 times better then this. [end angry rant.]

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