September 2007

It’s been a few* since we checked in on Mr. Deity, but in the interim this fantastic series has knocked out another 7 episodes, and is gearing up to begin Season 2.

I heartily recommend blowing off a goodly chunk of your afternoon to catch up. Here’s episode #4, in which our favorite Deity explains the mechanics of prayer.

*Specifically, it’s been 4 months and 11 days or so…

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Lunchtime, so how about some uncomfortable lovin’ by way of the Steamy Bohemians’ ode to partially forbidden love, ‘Second Cousins‘?

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AfterworldAfterworld. Brent Friedman’s Afterworld is a episodic web series about the last man on the planet, and it uses a mix of animation and stills to showcase a world in which the population has mysteriously vanished.

A total web page environment with an ongoing plot told in 5 minute episodes, the plot is addicting and the design elements are really well done. I especially like the journal, a really nice touch.

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Here’s a little ditty about a plan for universal peace:

Or as creator LucyLou puts it:

An assignment for science class: Decide what to send into space to communicate with extraterrestrial life. I decided to play it safe, and make plans for the worst

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The Age of Feudalism

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the Age of FeudalismGet your sword and pillage on via The Age of Feudalism, a very well done little epic action game that won’t leave you with the dirty feeling that WoW does.

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Net Sausage: Friday Style

by alphamonkey on September 28, 2007

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Be sure to hop over to Razorfine Review to check out my dueling review with Alan (aka Thundarr) regarding Peter Berg’s ‘The Kingdom’, which opens today across the nation.

Just a quick follow-up to yesterday’s Bardot/Gainsbourg post: The Daily Mail ran a piece yesterday on what the famous sex kitten has been up to in her later days. Personally I think it was just an excuse to post a picture of how she’s looking now.

Note to self: Don’t try to leave the country with $95,000 in a duffel bag.

And did anyone have a massive disconnect moment when listening to Condoleeza Rice perform the single biggest about-face this administration’s ever pulled by stating that Global Climate Change was real, is very much affected by human behavior, and should be a priority? I thought I’d slipped into Bizarro Dimension.

And finally: There’s a very real reason that the female population of the internet doesn’t match with reality.

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Okay, so not really South Park, but Trey Parker and Matt Stone did find some time to animate some audio recordings from the late comparative religion and philosophy great Alan Watts, and the results are a great mash of South Park-esque brilliance and dazzling insight on the human mind.

To the right is the “Prickles & Goo” short, but head into the extended for more animated Alan Watts goodness.

For more on Watts and his work, you should check out the official (?) webpagee, which breaks down his lectures and seminars into podcasts.

Via Cold Hard Flash

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Ticklebooth ran the fantastic clip for Serge Gainsbourg and Brigitte Bardot’s iconic ‘Comic Strip’ yesterday, and I couldn’t be happier. I’m a big fan of Gainsbourg from way back, and was just recently talking about his awesomeness (an awesomeness that’s been passed along to his daughter Charlotte. Seriously… get her album.) the other night. So for my pals John & Whitney, here’s the video for ‘Comic Strip’.

As an added bonus, here’s the infamous Gainsbourg encounter with Whitney Houston from a 1988 French television appearance:

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Honey bunny

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Lasse Persson’s Honey Bunny should be familiar to fans of late night TV from the early 90’s….

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Acid Pauli - Billy the KillyOkay, so this really isn’t a Rube Goldberg clip, but it’s a pretty clever approximation. Enjoy Acid Pauli’s ‘Billy the Killy‘.

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