by Gorlog on September 28, 2007 · 11 comments

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AfterworldAfterworld. Brent Friedman’s Afterworld is a episodic web series about the last man on the planet, and it uses a mix of animation and stills to showcase a world in which the population has mysteriously vanished.

A total web page environment with an ongoing plot told in 5 minute episodes, the plot is addicting and the design elements are really well done. I especially like the journal, a really nice touch.

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  • Busymm101

    What a great find. Very very addictive!

  • Colonel Dashing

    I have only watched episode one, but I sure hope this has nothing to do with the Rapture.

  • .alphamonkey.

    That was my EXACT thought.

  • Gorlog

    Boy that would totally suck if this were a scheme to get people to believe in some conservative Christian theory. Gives me the willies, not to mention I would feel guilty for submitting it to the Buddha.

  • Busymm101

    Nope so far it seems to be terrorist related and possible EMP. So no rapture thankfully.

  • Gorlog

    When I submitted I had watched episodes 1-4 and read a small portion of the journal. Now that I have watched more I am not only totally hooked, I am relieved as well.

  • Colonel Dashing

    Ok. I have watched all the episodes and I have to say this is the COOLEST thing ever!

    Great find.

  • Brent Friedman

    Hey, thanks for the plug! Nice to know people are watching…

  • Brent Friedman

    BTW, it’s not “Brent Friedman’s” Afterworld. There is very talented and dedicated (read: “underpaid”) team of animators, editors, writers and producers (not to mention voice talent) who work on this series. Without me the show may not be as convoluted, but without them there would be no show. Just had to clear that up… 😉

  • Gorlog

    Brent, Amazing job! Who ever took the time to develop the content behind the journal is, well, really creative. It was one of my favorite parts of the site. Thanks.

  • Brent Friedman

    The journal is a team effort as well. The writing staff puts down the words and the production staff lays out the visual design. The intent was to add another layer of the story for those who wanted to dig a little deeper into the universe.

    Glad you’re enjoying the show…

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