Bad Webcomics and the slippery slope of post-modernism…

by alphamonkey on September 17, 2007 · 0 comments

in Comics!

Have some literate fun (at another’s expense) with a couple of links that provide some food for thought. Your Webcomic is Bad and You Should Feel Bad takes a not-so-loving look at the hideously misshapen world of webcomics because well…. someone has to. Sure it’s not exactly rocket science to point out bad, but there’s no shortage of clever and deft humor in these collaborative reviews of the internet’s most awful.

Do you suspect that your webcomic might indeed be bad? Your Webcomic Can Still Be Saved is here to help.

Similarly (and in fact inspired by the above), MightyGodKing lays down a fat smack on the idea that DIY ethos trumps all. Therein lay a compelling argument for the existence of editorial standards and adherence. As a culture we’ve embraced Warhol’s 15 Minutes concept, but in doing so we’ve turned our backs on the idea that great art comes from not just passion, but equal parts training and ability. As much as we collectively love a good DIY success story, the truth is that greatness is not a common commodity, and we’ve seemed to reach a point where we distrust professionals and experts in equal measure for the sake of upholding an ‘anyone can do it!’ mentality.

Or as my wife puts it: “You can call sitting on a stool wrapped in bacon while eating an apple ‘free form dance’, but that doesn’t make it art. Or, you know, good.”

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