'Net Sausage: Friday Style

by alphamonkey on September 21, 2007 · 0 comments

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Newsweek’s reporting on the Telcomm lobbying efforts to effectively erase any civil or legal culpability for their role in assisting in warrantless surveillance of US citizens is pretty sickening, and all the more so with the realization that they’ll probably succeed.

Edward Copeland on Film runs down the 100 best foreign language films, and for once there’s a list that I don’t find much (if any) fault with. Every single entry on this list is worthy of your eyeball (and brain) time.

Speaking of cinema, Eva Schindling’s Cinematic Particles use a film’s subtitle track to create wondrous particle paths that result in rather lovely watercolor paintings.

And finally, it’s Ad Week, so all you adhounds out there should take a moment for some Adsturbatution

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