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Marc Ecko, who bought Barry Bond’s 745th homerun baseball, left it up to fans as to what should be done with it. The result? The ball is being branded with an asterisk and then sent to the Baseball Hall of Fame

Ninja attacks are on the rise, at least according to the news reports of two female ninjas* robbing a gas station at sword & dagger point. I bet the cashier was scared, but sexxxily so.

Hooked on Phonics isn’t just for kids! To keep Bush from slipping up during his speech to the UN, various foreign leader names were given phonetically to the Teleprompter Reader in Chief, including such mysterious names as Nicolas Sarkozy (you know, Bush’s new pal in France?) and Robert Mugabe.

The US Navy is setting aside some $600,000 for landscaping and alterations to a barracks facility in Coronado, CA. Untouched since the facilities were completed in the 1960’s, the blame behind the update lay solely with Google Earth. Specifically the fact that Google Earth imagery shows that the building design forms a perfect swastika.

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