News Sausage: Anger Edition

by alphamonkey on September 11, 2007 · 0 comments

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2125549420-main.jpgThe Washington Post‘s Sarah Stillman writes up the culture of pain and violence that’s spilling out of Iraq and onto the streets of the US in ‘Drinking, Brawling, Hurting‘. If for no other reason, I found it compelling for one very good point: 12 percent of Americans served in World War II. 4 percent served in Vietnam, but less than 1/2 of 1 percent has served in Iraq, and we’re just now getting our long looks at the effects this war has had on our soldiers.

In the New Republic, Jonathan Chait has a piece adapted from his book “The Big Con: The True Story of How Washington Got Hoodwinked and Hijacked by Crackpot Economics“, which lays out the sad (and scary) tale of how supply-side economics went from being a farce of a theory to the prevalent thinking in modern Washington. Feast of the Wingnuts is so worth a read.

Speaking of the economy, Slate‘s Daniel Gross explores the lopsided effect that today’s income disparity has on consumer spending numbers in ‘Will the Rich Save the Economy?“. Interestingly enough, the “top 20 percent of American income earners spend more in a given year than the bottom three quintiles combined”, which leads to a minority of the populace dictating how healthy our economy is perceived to be.

George Bush continues to make America proud every time he opens his mouth.

Britain’s Environmental Agency has found traces of Prozac in the nation’s drinking water. So much for those precious bodily fluids, huh?

And finally, Jack Thompson (the man all gamers love to hate) has taken his insano act to new heights by trying to subpeona George Bush as part of his attempt to keep from having his law license revoked. Awesome!

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