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by alphamonkey on September 19, 2007 · 0 comments

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space-shuttle-challenger.jpgA couple of quick space links for you this morning: Google Moon got a serious update that eliminates the admittedly funny swiss cheese zoom in, and now gives detailed information on the Apollo missions as well as utilizing some of NASA’s most detailed lunar surface photos. Sadly Google omitted any relevant information regarding sites from Superman’s fabled fight with Lex Luthor’s creation Nuclear Man.

In other NASA related news, Nobel Laureate Steven Weinberg has criticized NASA for its focus on such money holes as the International Space Station which, in Weinberg’s veiw, has contributed little to no scientific value to the world as a whole. Instead, Weinberg believes the space administration’s efforts would be better (and more fiscally responsibly) put into focusing more on unmanned missions (which have had a high success rate).

I’m a bit torn on that. While I’m willing to admit the ISS and the shuttle program are indeed outrageously expensive considering how little we receive from it, I’m just not ready to give up on manned missions. My hope is that NASA will focus on extraplanetary and lunar modules as a means of exploring human kind’s sustainability in space. What say you?

Thanks to long-time Buddha pal (and fellow space enthusiast) Starrgzer for the links.

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