The Great Iraqi Swindle

by alphamonkey on September 4, 2007 · 2 comments

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iraq-map.jpgRolling Stone’s Matt Taibbi has an amazing (and maddening) investigative piece on just how deep the corruption and graft in Iraq’s reconstruction really goes via The Great Iraqi Swindle. It’s sickening to me to think that this government has so far refused to join any suits against these blatantly criminal contractor groups, and it’s even more sickening to think that these same individuals are making money hand over fist (both legally and not) while our own soldiers toil and die for peanuts.

Why, oh why, aren’t we more collectively pissed off about this stuff?

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  • Rebeca

    Why aren’t we more pissed? Because we don’t know about this stuff. The average American doesn’t seek out real, relevant news and the mainstream new organizations have stopped reporting it. Most of us are satisfied sitting on the couch, slack-jawed and glassy eyed trying to remember what it is we needed from the Wal-Mart.

    We’ve allowed our awareness of the world around us to shrink. We’ve stopped asking questions because we forgot that there are questions to be asked.

    Thanks to Transbuddha, (and like minded outlets) some of us are still able to be appropriately outraged.

  • pixleshifer

    rebeca speaks the truth. watch zeitgeist the movie to flick those angry dials to full crank and let’s start the revolution already.

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