The Hello Experiment

by alphamonkey on September 6, 2007 · 0 comments

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lionelfigure.jpgI think those of us who grew up alongside the then-fledgling channel MTV have all learned a terrible lesson about life. Namely that music videos lie to us. Each and every one. Ted Nugent will not deflect bullets with the power of his guitar solo if you and your white trash lady friend duck into a shack while on the run from Johnny Law, cutting into a grown up Alice at a tea party will not result in red velvet cake for all, and attempting anything Duran Duran ever did in a video will probably land you in jail, or slumped lifeless against a wall with the rest of your hapless revolutionary friends.

But most of all, we know that, no matter what we’ve been told, you just can’t sculpt an uncanny likeness of Lionel Ritchie with your eyes closed. How do we know? The Hello Experiment proved it.

Yes, it’s come to this: Mining the camp video of our youth for the comedy of today.

Okay, I’ll admit. The Hello Experiment is pretty awesome. Thanks to long-time ‘buddha pal Alan for the find.

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