The Wheel Turns for Robert Jordan.

by alphamonkey on September 17, 2007 · 4 comments

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Robert JordanFantasy author Robert Jordan lost his battle with cancer yesterday, leaving many fans to wonder what would become of Jordan’s gargantuan epic, The Wheel of Time, which was supposed to be completed with a 12th entry in the series. Jordan was known for his nearly obsessive attention detail (often at the price of narrative, it must be said), and his Wheel of Time series put him as one of the most read fantasy authors of the last 25 years.

Some reports are stating that the final book (tentatively titled ‘A Memory of Light’) had already been sent to editors, so it’s possible that the series will see it’s finale sometime in early 2008. Here’s hoping it was a finished product, and we’re not treated to yet another series that’s continued by another author (See: Dune, Foundations) Granted, The Wheel of Time series should have ended around book 5 or so, as the last 6 books in this now 17 year old series have been not much more than vastly expanded filler, but I must confess that I’ll be waiting to see how this gets resolved, even if I do deeply resent the fact that I’ll have to go back and re-read the last 4 books or so just to have even an inkling of what’s going on in each of Jordan’s wildly meandering plot threads.

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  • elkciN

    This is some sad news, for me.

    The Wheel of Time is one of the few fantasy series I’ve ever read, and I’ve highly enjoyed them. Like you, my interest waned with the past few books, but I most definately hope the final book was finished. I’d probably have to go back and read ALL of them now, though. It’s been a while.

    Thanks for the intricate world you gave us, Mr. Jordan, even if it was a bit too intricate, at times.

  • Arhu

    A heartfelt dito from me.

    And I don’t believe in final books written by another author (Dune), so I’m hoping those rumors are true…


  • Alyxavior

    May you find your own memory of light, RJ.


  • adrienne

    I love the Robert Jordan series, however, I have anxiously awaited each book in the series to come out and am deeply saddened that now it is going to come to an end.

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