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gossamer.jpgI would like to recommend the independent guerilla documentary Zeitgeist. With well over 2 million hits so far on Google video and counting, this film shows no signs of slowing down.

A brief synopsis of the film reads as a conspiracy theory, but it has so much more to offer and never deviates from fact unlike other pale comparisons, so I’ll not even attempt to write one. suffice to say that this is a must-watch movie and deserves maximum media exposure.

alphamonkey sez: While this film can be a bit off putting at times, the willingness of the filmmakers to include source material for all their points at least gives them the credit of being diligent researchers. I can’t say I agree with a number of the film’s larger points (though I’ll concede that in many cases they’re presenting well-documented but long ignored historical fact), but I am a big fan of looking at things from a vastly different perspective in order to take in broader viewpoints. In that regard, Zeitgeist scores a win for it’s stated goal of asking viewers to look at the world from a less than mainstream angle.

And no, the thumb image has nothing to do with the film, it was just the best image result for ‘zeitgeist’

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  • BAD

    Very compelling.

  • …?


  • BAD

    Lets hope so.

  • Fake

    Fake or true, it can’t me more 1 than another anymore than the other truths that are well known and accepted.

  • Starrgazer

    A wonderful compilation of what many of us already knew.

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