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Jumper TrailerI’ve long wondered when Hayden Christiansen would get a chance to really shine for a large audience, as George Lucas’ smothering direction (and weak, weak, weak story) sucked all the vitality out Anakin Skywalker (who by all rights should have been one hell of a character) and left audiences with a terribly lopsided view of the man’s acting chops. Christiansen has turned in otherwise stellar work in The Virgin Suicides, Life As a House, and Shattered Glass, but it looks like it’ll be a return to the Sci-Fi realm that finally gives the guy his due. Go figure.

Thankfully, the trailer for Jumper (which itself is adapted from Stephen Gould’s seriously sweet novel) gives me some hope that this’ll be a fun cinematic ride. This is where most people would go ‘Hey, Samuel L. Jackson!’, but being the dork I am, I’m so much more excited about “Hey, Billy Elliot!’ in the form of Jamie Bell.

Dig on trailer-y goodness.

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