Midnight Madness: Discussion Style

by alphamonkey on October 20, 2007 · 5 comments

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Since my cable provider was ill-equipped to deal with someone plowing down a main line, I spent much of yesterday afternoon/evening sans Internet. In my net-deprvied madness, I made the decision to watch the Transformers movie, and it’s since become I decision I wholeheartedly regret (and for which my wife has still yet to forgive me). I’m apparently incapable of depriving my brain of enough oxygen to allow me to enjoy the work of Michael Bay, but a number of my friends have stood by their original assessments of the film being stupidly enjoyable. So question #1: What’s wrong with them? How could anyone decipher even a glimmer of enjoyment out of that juvenile mess of incomprehensible gibberish?

Question 2: Heroes: Good or bad? I’ve been watching this on DVD, and I just can’t make up my mind. There are enough elements to keep me interested, but mostly I’m thinking it’s just a need to see where the hell they’re going with all this. Personally, I think they could drop half the characters and make it a much more concise and interesting show, as I certainly think the show’s narrative suffers greatly from having to bounce around so many storylines.

Discuss (and give me some recommendations for future DVD viewing).

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  • Haley

    heroes is decent, not good and definitely not great. it holds an hour on monday night is about it. i stopped watching after season 1 when in the finale, none of the asian characters had the power for a kamehameha wave.

  • BAD

    I disliked Transformers as well, but I have been hiding this fact from co-workers and friends who thought it was good.

    I can’t quite convince them to think past the whole “It’s giant robots fighting and turning into cool vehicles” argument.

    Yeah cool vehicles, funny how they changed the traditional vehicles we grew up loving for GM versions cause GM through money at Bay and he ate it up.

    It’s not like the franchise wasn’t commercialized enough already.

    Ok I have to stop or I’ll write a two page essay on how much I hate that movie.

  • Alan

    Do you get “Spaced” out there? Simon Pegg says he pitched it as Northern Exposure meets the The Simpsons meets The X-Files. I never tire of series 1 or 2.

  • elkciN

    I still have not seen Transformers, and I plan to keep it that way.

    Heroes is alright, for what it is.

    You should also pick up the Always Sunny in Philadelphia Season 1 & 2 set.

    I am nothing if not concise.

  • pixleshifer

    i watched heroes to the end but only because i had some down-time internetically myself. i found it rather predictable, with the usual predictable twists and i am always put off by the typical desire for american films to feature brave heroes saving everything. cg was quite cool, especially the cheerleader’s handycam footage.
    it wasn’t art, but it was pretty ok entertainment.

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