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update: As promised, President Bush vetoed the SCHIP bill today, cementing his reign as king of the ‘fuck you, Middle America’ crowd.

In the ongoing RIAA trial Capitol Records v. Jammie Thomas in Duluth, Minnesota, revelations from Jennifer Pariser, (Sony BMG’s the head of litigation) revealed that, not only is the RIAA (and the industry at a whole) losing a whole lot of cash on these lawsuits, the industry knows that their methodology in catching file-sharers is beyond flawed. Best of all? The acknowledgment that the industry has NO IDEA what the actual damages from file-sharing really are. So much for those ‘losing billions a year’ scare-headlines, huh?

Beloved Star Trek icon George Takei now has an asteroid named after him. Awesome.

Frame by frame comparisons of various The Simpsons scenes along side their cinematic origin. We have Brad Bird to thank a lot of those visual cues.

U.S. District Judge Colleen Kollar-Kotelly has invalidated a portion of President Bush’s 2001 executive order regarding presidential records stating that the order (which allows presidents to withhold official communication and papers almost indefinitely) constitutes and “impermissible exercise of the executive power.” Yea for transparency!

A gamer’s flowchart for making the important decision of ‘should I stop playing this game?’.

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