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Gary GnuIf there was ever a day to plunk yourself down in front of C-SPAN for some serious denial-ing, today would be it. Erik Prince, the founder of the embattled security firm Blackwater, is appearing before the House to defend his company’s atrocious record in Iraq. You can watch the testimony here.

Speaking of denial… If there is one thing I love about the political blogosphere, it’s the fact that you don’t really have to dig very deep to find yourself some serious crazy. In this case the crazy comes down in the form of columnist Michael Medved’s defense of SLAVERY. Yup. Slavery. Conk yourself in the head with a mallet and prepare to take a ride on an ill informed train to Nutso Choco Town. And it’s the Left that’s called nutty?

Moving firmly back into Sane Land, Paul Krugman now has a blog. Krugman’s been one of my favorite opinion writers for some time, so the opportunity to get more insight into his work is a welcome one.

I’ll admit it: I’m a little sad for Britney. Sure she’s an ignorant vacuum of talent, but no one should have to lose their kids to someone named K-Fed.

Over lunch today I heartily recommend a serious game of Calvinball. Though you should probably bone up on the rules first.

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