Now You Know: Hole in the Earth Edition

by alphamonkey on October 22, 2007 · 2 comments

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Hole in the EarthYou know the whole ‘digging a hole to China*’ thing? So let’s say you did manage to dig a hole straight through the earth (kudo’s to your non-gravity digging skills and amazing heat resistance!), and then promptly decided to jump down it. How long would it take to reach the other side? You can put your slide rule away, because the answer is 42 minutes, apparently.

Of course, then you’d have to worry about the fact that gravity would immediately suck you back down into the hole, keeping you in a perpetual 84 minute round-trip.

*the American usage comes from Henry David Thoreau, who was complaining about his neighbor’s incessant digging.

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  • Andrew DeGolyer

    That made my head hurt….

  • Gorlog

    I teach Government, but I also got a minor in biochem. I loved the website and sent it on to all science teachers in my district. Thanks it was a lot of fun:) I especially like the demonstration videos once you track back to the homepage.

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