Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy

by alphamonkey on October 5, 2007 · 10 comments

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Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy‘Buddha reader Agar sent in a heads up regarding the top-down shooter, Starfighter: Disputed Galaxy, and now I can’t figure out whether to thank him or curse him. Very similar to my beloved Star Control II, Starfighter has you accepting missions across the galaxy and engaging in money building activities like mining and murder-for-hire, but with the added bonus of multiplayer functionality.

Good stuff, even if the site itself runs a little slow.

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  • El Queso Grande

    Damn you Agar and transbuddha. I want my weekend back! This Disputed Galaxy thing is a helluva time waster.

  • Gaming Guy

    Disputed Galaxies has a lot of promise, but there is also a ton of room for improvement. If Ben wants to truly be successful he needs to take a better stance on “player satisfaction”, or he’ll never be anything more than another of those countless hordes of “if you don’t like my game, don’t play it” publishers, which is fine, but he will never be great; will just have to settle for the status of mediocre hack. For example: His quote from his FAQ. stating that player accounts will be reset if you die 10 times, because he feels that too many games out there are too forgiving on player deaths. However it should be pointed out that these “other games” are wildly more successful than Starfighter….coincidence? I think not.

    Travel and missions are tedious after the first half dozen, and the “chat” feature is almost always down, making it pretty much a single player experience. Travel needs to be worked on, or mission rewards increased. There’s the hyperdrive option for your ships, but it’s either 2K each time, or you have to save up 40-80K (depending on your ship) to have a “permanent” model…with missions only rewarding 2-3K money, using the 1-shot model is practically useless if you want to save money, making the player choose to either get to the action quickly (aka have fun), or save money and take a boring, too-long, flight to the action.

    The “Black Holes” need to be removed from the game. They are a nuisance to players as they suck in your ship and cost you a life, which costs several thousand of your cash to replace, and serve no purpose in the game other than as an annoyance to players. They also make travel across the sector that they are in, incredibly slow.

    The game needs a “cruise control” for your ship, the game has autopilot but that does not work when you are in the same sector as your objective, yet you are tethered to the computer holding down the arrow key for 2-3 minutes at a crack just to drive in a straight line. That’s just foolish.

    The item descriptions have to be completed. Many of the purchasable items in the game have descriptions consisting of “No data available for this item”, lame. Don’t implement the item in the game if you aren’t going to tell players what it does. If you have time to code the item into the game, then you have time to write up a description. If you don’t have time, then don’t implement.

    There needs to be an intra-sector map so you can tell where you are in relation to the borders of the map. This would be very valuable in fleeing combat.

    All in all, due to the items listed above; the game can be considered as nothing more than the typical mediocre caliber half-completed online game; no different than the hundreds of other wanna-be game publishers put out, and no doubt pat themselves on their own back, thinking that they created something worth seeing.

    This game needs a lot of work.

  • Pukako

    Given it’s a free game with low internet speed and computer specs, it’s a lot better than most out there, as it’s really addictive…

    The missions only give a few thousand $ as what’s the point if you can upgrade to super bling in next to no time. And the thing I didn’t pick up on until recently is that your ‘rank’ depends only on how many kills you have, so use the ‘boring’ trips as a chance to improve your piloting skills, pick up some easy kills, and do some mining.

    There’s a surprising amount of skill to the combat too, with different weapon combos having very different approaches. That improves the addictive quality and makes it more interesting.

    Games don’t need super complex plots, flashy graphics or blood and gore, despite what most professional game publishers think, and I’m glad to see one that’s low key and enjoyable.

    Hope to see you in-game one day.

  • GianEX…..addictive yes but…..needsssssss chaaaaat

  • GianEX

    needs….chat…….addictive yes…..great in many ways…….but i may stop playing because of this chat problem……

  • ZEZO

    play it on kongregate and u can use their chat

  • draconis

    awesome game even with the low quality, can’t wait to play the sequal

  • DisputedGalaxyGuy

    It’s very addictive, and I LOVE addictive games. Go to YouTube, and search Disputed Galaxy. You should get fantastic videos, and 2 videos about how Ben made SF:DG

  • hi

    the secuil comes out on i think the 11th of october

  • Kalendan
    hope you find that useful:)

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