The 25 Most Exquisitely Sad Songs in the World

by alphamonkey on October 11, 2007 · 6 comments

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The 25 Most Exquisitely Sad Songs in the WorldReader Andrew DeGolyer hipped me to this list on AOL’s Spinner music site, The 25 Most Exquisitely Sad Songs in the World, which while certainly not matching up with what I’d list, includes a number of tunes that are total locks for me. (Beck’s ‘Lost Cause’ being one of them).

So let’s hear it: What got left off this list, according to you?

Note: The image is of Nick Drake, whose ‘Which Will’ would certainly make my list.

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  • Andrea

    They forgot so many good songs. I think “Needle in the hay” by elliott smith totally needed to be on there! It’s so sad.

  • Katie

    Plenty missing, but I suppose they were trying to cover a lot. Still, Elvis – In the Ghetto, definately missing from the list.

  • .alphamonkey.

    Both good choices. “It Makes No Difference” would certainly be on my list, as would “Crazy”. And holy crap, but Leadbelly’s ‘Goodnight Irene’ is one hell of a heartbreaker.

    Hell, for that matter “You Are My Sunshine” ain’t exactly all sunshine and roses.

  • Andrew DeGolyer

    Most songs by Bright Eyes are probably gonna make you cry. I am particularly fond of Tourist Trap right now. “The road finally brought me back/but I don’t think I’ll unpack/cause I’m not sure if I live here anymore.”

  • Scott

    personally i think they chose the wrong iron and wine song to put on… i would have gone with their cover of such great heights, or each coming night…and i agree with their comment list that tears in heaven should have beens omewhere on there

  • Paul

    Elton Johns “The Last Song” is one of the saddest songs ever. About a guy who is on his death bed from Aids, finding solace in the fact that his father comes to see him and is now trying to understand his lifestyle.

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