The Apple!

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I know many of you have wondered “Where, oh where is the musical for me? The Sci-Fi loving, Eurovision Song Contest obsessed, disco-freak?”, and quite frankly your wondering was for naught, as the 1980 anti-blockbuster The Apple had already been made! Telling the strange and disco-centric tale of a world song contest in a oddly spangled vision of the distant future (1994, to be precise), The Apple sought to strike a blow against conformity via an inordinate number of tightly choreographed dance numbers and the plucky charm of Alphie (George Gilmour) and Bibi (Catherine Mary Stewart).

You must, must, must watch the trailer.

Super thanks to Scaramouch over at the always wonderful YesButNoButYes for bringing this nugget of beautarded wonder back to me, as I was once the proud owner of a bootleg VHS copy of The Apple courtesy of one of the innumerable comic conventions I’d attended. I had no idea this was available on DVD (indeed, I’d all but forgotten about the film), but now I can safely say that my holiday gift shopping just got a whole lot simpler.

Wrap your beautiful minds around this: 1980 saw the release of The Apple, The Village People’s ‘Can’t Stop the Music‘, and of course the Olivia Newton-John epic, ‘Xanadu‘ making it by far and away the greatest year in the history of cinema.

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