The Worthless Peons

by alphamonkey on October 16, 2007 · 0 comments

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While continuing my DVD run of Scrubs, I’ve realized that the quality of the writing seems to sharply decline ’roundbouts Season 4 with the main characters seeming more like caricatures of their early season selves, but one thing remains perfect: Sam Lloyd’s portrayal of incompetent lawyer Ted Buckland.

I just love this guy, and not just because he’s Christopher Llloyd’s nephew. He has the sad-sack loser down pat, and the extremes he’s willing to go with it are just amazing, but a lot of the appeal is because of The Worthless Peons (known as The Blanks in real life), Ted’s a capella band of fellow sad-sacks, whose works trend decidedly into the mass media mainstream.

Here’s a compilation clip of The Worthless Peons’ more memorable musical moments.

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